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FD_page 233 - November 7th, 2010, 4:09 pm

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Back again guys! Like I said, I at least wanna get the current chapter finished before Christmas. This page reverts back to some digital inking because the pens I have are kind of on the out and I need to get new ones.

I actually don`t know myself which style of inking I like the most. I need to stick with something eventually, but digital is cheaper so I might just stick with that.

Anyway, the gate is open and 3 of them will end up in the present this time around... what will happen next? Guessing games :D

Also, an announcement of a side Flaming Destiny project will be coming up sometime this week. It`s a good time to be an FD fan :P

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My guess is still that Jade would come through, but I am wondering...


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