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FD_page 69 - May 21st, 2007, 3:01 pm

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awww thats so sweet. :-) i wish i had someone who love me like that?

awesome comic. I am lazy to comment,but i'm just here to tellz u 'dat people are lazy to comment andz wat u use for drawing? 'dis?

This is awesome i love this comic.

Suspence! D=
I just love this comic! <3

Oh wow, this is really good. You've made yourself a new fan. Please, keep it up =]

I want an update! =D

Nice comic, put lots of work and improvement is needed.

So right she is. So right. It feels hateful that the world has become like this. (So say I, sitting right here at the computer instead of having a walk in the nearby woods. Ha.)

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