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FD_page 98 - August 10th, 2007, 10:07 am

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SheenaXZelos - Notes
Hey there everyone! ^_^

Well this is the last page of chapter 5. Stay tuned for chapter 6 because new characters are introduced :) until then<3 Thanks for reading *hugs you all*


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Thats real cold of Jade. I mean I see the story of where she came from but re-naming her?
It's not like its on common to have the same name as someone else from history. Heck she can even say she was named after herself if anyone even noticed the similarity.

THATS SO CUTE!! <33 x3

Flamen Tenebrarum - Couldn't read the comic for a few days but I'm back now
I liked her old clothes and "old name" better but I understand the necessity of an alias. :(

AWWW. Ghod, she's smokin'. ^_^
I don't like Sara, though. Harrison is fun, but... ;_;

ohh she looks gorgeous. <3 hehe i love this comic. =] ;D

seiya looks hot^^

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