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FD_page 100 - August 27th, 2007, 11:54 am

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SheenaXZelos - Page 100<3
Well now ^^ I can't believe that I've finally hit 100 pages for Flaming Destiny<3 I really have to thank all of you guys because if it wasn't for all of the support I've received I probably would have dropped this long ago ^^ *hugs you all*

To celebrate the occasion I've whipped up a full color page ^^ I so won't be doing this often XD it takes a long time :P

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User Comments:

We rather should thank for this great comic :)
So next colored page at 200 number :D

Totally agred with BakaGirl! x3

I love this webcomic so genisus! (or w/e how you spell it)

I love your coloring! I couldn't do tha if I tryed! >.<

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