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FD Volume 2 Cover - October 8th, 2007, 9:09 am

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one word yesss and whos the pink haired chick

The rival, perhaps?

She's here to steal Seiya from Jade, or vice versa? OR...

Well it was written that Seiya will get a rival ;)
Two girls fighting over Jade,who is supposed to be straight,and is just learning her real side...
It will be interesting ^^

I GOT it!

The rival is... Jade's modeling partner! Makes sense, doesn't it?

Or at least, that's what I reckon.

UH OH, pink hair... I like it.

Seiya looks wonderful in this cover. *-* I'm glad you made it a rival for Jade's affections instead of hers- makes things less generic and lots more fun.

Pink haied chick in a shojou ai comic can only mean... UTENA! *cough* No? Well... Alright then.


oh no pink haired girl
i hve a soft spot for those noooo must resist
(lol ^^)

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