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FD_page 128 - November 16th, 2007, 7:57 pm

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Oh boy. O.O

kari (Guest) - lol this will get funny fast
well how to explain to her that she already has someone... from 500 years ago lol x3

*twitches* Cutie... beauty... *M3g4 twitch* I told you this ch1X0r was t3h 3\/1|_... I will willingly bet money that she was made by the evil people that sent Seiya to the future so as to make Seiya miserable... or shes an evil sugary lollipop agent from candy land...

Now I want to see cute jealous Seiya side :D

Haha, this looks fun. I'm really enjoying your comic here, keep it up, eh? :)

FMF - Cutie Beauty?
Protagonist...meet antagonist XD. I'm with L337, there's some ish going down right here. Awesome comic as usual!

Lol Jade's face priceless

NO SHE'S SEIYAS!!!!!!!! NUH! *rasberry!*


Gaby (Guest) - Uh-oh
Oh, boy we're in trouble.

j:oh, uh, sorry I've already got a partner, I'd be more than happy to model with you though

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