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FD_page 135 - January 12th, 2008, 6:22 pm

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SheenaXZelos - Refining :)
Seeing as how I haven't been posting pages on schedule for the past month I decided to post a special weekend page today ^^

*ahem* style change O: is it noticeable? :P Yeah, continuing with the "trying to develop a professional feel to my art", I've changed the style a bit. I'm trying to develop more of a shoujo style, like I said before. It was a bit of an experiment with the hair here so it will be refined, but what do you guys think? ^^; Also, take note of Jade's curl change! :D it looks more like a curl now I think :)

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Fayt -
I was looking in to Seiya's and jade's eyes and I love how you do the eyes.

yay, weekend update! Glad I check everyday anyway. I did notice the hair change both style and the curl and that 4th panel profile looks awesome.

Ooh, that looks really nice!
The style's a lot cleaner now, too.

I like the change a lot! :D

This style is really good. I am looking forward to seeing how Korina (is that her name?)takes (or not) to Seiya.


WHoa. much better art here. i really like this comic. can't wait to read more :D

ano...how is a person who has been sealed in a shrine for a few hundred years only to be freed by you and declares you to be her master within seconds of meeting normal compared to everyday work drama

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