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FD_page 137 - January 22nd, 2008, 9:38 am

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SheenaXZelos - More appology :(
hamana! D: I feel so bad about not being able to keep up with the update schedual anymore.. ;3; School's been getting to me a bit, and I get sidetracked by so much other art things that I just don't have the energy for it.. it's hard turning out like 5 pages a week (which would explain JBF's absence as well), plus wanting to get other things done too.. I'm sure you guys understand right? :(

So, from now on, and for a little while I'm just going to post FD and JBF like I used to... when I can ^^; Who knows, maybe that might even mean more pages a week depending :P I just hope you guys understand :(

Anyway, ^^ I'm really proud of this page... is it just me or does Seiya look prettier without the bow in her hair o:... that silly upside down bow XD

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I'm happy with once week and I certainly can't imagine being able to keep up with a normal life AND do a page every day, either.

This page is very good. It has that "print" look to it. And who doesn't love braids?!

Fayt -
I just like long hair... but I love the new look.

don't worry about updating alot. I will wait and I will make the others wait. *closes and locks the door from the out side.* MUHAHAHAHAH! NOW NO ONE CAN LEAVE! (what??)

Nooo, I like the bow. T-T But she does look very nice here. To work, to work... I sense jealousy on the wind.

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