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FD_page 139 - January 31st, 2008, 10:16 am

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SheenaXZelos - To Explain...
In case nobody got what Seiya meant in panel five: Jade said "I know they're going to love you...", when Seiya says "As long YOU keep that up..." she means as long as Jade keeps up the love, she'll be ready for anything. It was a joke on her part, but Jade being nervous as she is just couldn't help but blush more :)

Also, I'm planning a colored page for the big 150, what do you guys think? ^^

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meagan (Guest) - love this
wow i really love this comic it's so good and i would love to see the colored page of 150. please keep up the great work.^_^ i'm so jooked to this.lol

I love thata last panel!

When Seiya said, "As long as you keep that up," I interpreted it as her saying Jade's support/love of Seiya is what allows her to do as well as she has.

As for the colored one fifty, I am happy however you decide. You keep the story going and that is good enough for me. ^__^

so sweet and fun...still love reading new pages and am looking forward to page 150 :D


Fayt -
hehe, I got it. as for colour pages? sure sound good. (I like the colour blue >.>. yes, that was random) anyway, having colour now and again would be cool.

i luffles this one its funny x3
and a colord 150 seems awsome if you have the time... no need to stress yourself :3

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