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Happy Valentine's Day - February 14th, 2008, 4:18 pm

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SheenaXZelos - Happy V-day Guys! :D
Well I'm really not fond of how it came out D: but I hope you guys like it all the same C: made especially for the wonderful day of loove XD Jade's face is too long @___@ but I like how her hair turned out ^^;

Happy V-day Everyone!! :D New pages of FD should be coming up soon ^_^

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Fayt -
looks great, nya. Same for you, nya. enjoy this day with your loved one!

welcome <3 =3
and Wow awesome coloring!

That is marvelous!

Deg (Guest) - Pretteh
Wow, that's a lovely picture, great work. :)

lovely <3

as a boy i cant believe im saying this but sooo

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