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FD_page 140 - February 18th, 2008, 11:55 am

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Seiya has an excellent memory top be able to follow all those rapid-succession questions without a bump. I also find it wonderful how well spoken she is. ^__^ A sharp contrast to Jade, if I say so. And as to the final question, I can just foresee a plaintive yes from Seiya, Jade fidgeting and stuttering upon hearing it, and a challenge of some sorts emitting from Korina.

Nothing to critic art wise, though I do note a non-use of commas where they would be appropriate.

Comment virginity Woot!!!!

Lol, it's almost funny how well spoken she is compared to Jade. And I feel the prescence of a cat-fight in the near future [crystal ball reader voice].

lmao. "I'm sorry i can't answer that last one." XD She's priceless.

I thought that was really great how she answered the quick questions like that at the drop of a hat, and how well spoken people of the past are. Now we have so much slang and frankly, we've gotten lazy, lol.


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