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FD_page 141 - February 18th, 2008, 2:02 pm

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SheenaXZelos - Info! C:
Wow XD It's so much fun having all four of these characters on the same page and I'm so happy to be this far in the story! X3 I've counted out the pages towards page 150 and I found out that the 150 colored page is on a really nice page so I hope it'll turn out right :D

Be sure to get your fill of the comedy and antics of FD while you can guys! o: because after this things take dark turns ;3;

Oh and Korina's dress design is (c) of Tgtg, writer/artist of the shoujoai webcomic Wonderland ^_^ http://www.enchantedviolin.com/wonderland/

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jade finaly came out of the closet;)

Oh? Without having any of the build for dark-mood writing present, I can not say what it will be like, but I do look forward to how it will turn out. While comedy stories are nice, I do prefer ones that have high emotional feelings to them.

While the four may be present, only three of them have proper head-shots. Jade only has a little present each time, but it does a good job of making it feel like she is being drug around. I do not know if that was intentional or not.

Haha, awesome page as usual.

Jade is in for it now.

Fayt -
wow, just wow. I... wow, I thought something liek this would happen but... I can't bleive it happned like that, nya

Lmao. And now the fun BEGINS!!!

Jade's outta the closet! *sing song*

@ZOmB3h: you may be on to something...

awesome! best one yet! I cant wait to see what will happen next!!! Way to come out of the closet guys ;)!!!

heh, Jadey-Poo.
I love this comic! It makes me smile so much!
Keep up the good work! ^^

Heheheh. I expect hilarity to ensue.

I really look forward to seeing how the characters interact!

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