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FD_page 142 - February 20th, 2008, 1:02 pm

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I FINALLY caught up! XD!

I am happy now.
OMG KORINA is going to so be the death of them

Korina needs to die...XD

Korina needs to magically disappear into a bottomless pit that appeared out of nowhere......<< >> <<

Fayt -
*eats Korina* well as far as I know my belly is bottimless. yummy, evil flavered, nya. but I am with them, I don't like her.

Korina has a 50/50 of becoming a recruit for the shadowy figures who want Seiya out of the way. She may also be a plot device to create more angst for Seiya and Jade. Or both. Great page as usual.

I'm glad you caught up too! I'm not used to updates so close together ^_^ Good page as always and the story is getting good :popcorn:

korina must die! must kill corina! *grabs knife and walks out the door*

You guys bash too much. Korina's cute.

I like Korina, I just don't like that she may possibly become evil to hurt Seiya and try to win over Jade.


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