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FD_page 143 - February 21st, 2008, 2:03 pm

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SheenaXZelos - The origin of Korpy O:
Okay finally we're getting into one of many character backstories ^_^ This one is actually one of my faves because it shows just how important Korpy is to Jade and vice versa :) and it also explains why she calls him Korpy in the first place ;D

Also, you guys don't like Korina do you? ^^; I've noticed that :P but fear not! You guys will probably like her later on in the story C:

Korina: ;3; I have no fans...
Jade: It would seem not
Korpy: Seiya has loads though C:
Seiya: ^///////^
Korina: T____T

Oh, and are you guys liking my frequent updates this week? ;D I'm on a roll :D

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Fayt - I got first comment? YAY! ME!
YAY! UPDATES! *huggles* I'll make cookies! *bruns the cookies* aww... I can't cook T.T sowwy. but it's cool that you are updating alot. and I HATE Korina, she like is tring to make Jade like her but Jade -likes- Seiya. I don't care what she it to the story I don't like her! :p oh, nya!

OH man...flash back, right?

i love flash backs and i love the frequent updates i hate having to wait all the time for new pages. it all started when * starts having a flash back*

Korina's heart is in the right place...how's she supposed to know we're all watching on the outside XD. I predict a fun backstory with an "Awww" at the end.

I'm soooo happy with these updates...where's the "Donation" link?

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