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FD_page 150 - March 1st, 2008, 7:22 pm

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SheenaXZelos - Page 150 yay! :)
There we go ^_^ chapter 8 is all done and completed and I am very happy! In chapter 9 we take a step back into the past yet again to check in on Seiya's friends and family. We take a deeper look into two other people who are in love with Seiya, Lady Honotome organizes a search party, and we also get a taste of the darkness O:

In the meantime enjoy this colored page :) and the 3rd page today XD

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Fayt -
I love this page. I really do. it's sweet



God, i love this webcomic.

So... fluffy.

so pretty *_* love it<3

Hmm two other poeple who are in love with Seiya?
Two boys or a boy/girl mix?
Conspiracy from past :D

Just as long as I don't need a chart to remember who is interested in who, it should make things interesting.

le wow~
the way you do hair~

ooohh i love it. <3 your coloring is amazinggg. =] <3

(\(^O^)/) wow! This part makes my heart beat fast. It's just so sweet *o*

It would be interesting if it all came about because of a broken heart, the evilness and the ones who want to make sure Seiya is misrerable.


Sheena... THIS IS THE BEST PICTURE ive seen out of all my shoujo-ai experience (in my opion)

DaSolution - Flaming Dykes
Oh this is so sappy and sick, I just wanna puke looking at that picture. Better yet, it makes me wanna write a story...
Jade and Seiya were back in the apartment when I came in and surprised the shit out of those dumb dykes.

“Oh no, it's him!” screamed Jade.

“You damn right bitch! And I'm here to fuck your dyke asses up! No magical defence she can use to protect me from kicking your pussy-pal's ass.”

I quickly pulled out The Solution, a modified cricket bat with a titanium centre inside. It was design to knock out kinky lesbos, like these two. I got it from my trip to England. I start using them on those bimbos.

“This is for being a bunch of dirty, disgusting, doughnut-bumping, douche bag-drinking, degenerate dykes!” CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK!

Then I pulled out the Raging Bulldagger, a sharp and sturdy bull dagger with a bull's head at the bottom and decorated with sapphires on one side and black triangles on the other side. It was made sharp enough to take out leery lipstick lesbos, like these two!

I used it and stabbed the shit out of those bitches, like what I did to that Korina girl who had the hots for Jade. Now there are two dead dykes. I feel satisfied.


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