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FD_chapter 9 cover - March 6th, 2008, 8:09 am

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SheenaXZelos - Chapter 9! :)
Yeah, I don't like drawing the FD thoughts anymore XD. I mean they're cute and I still love the idea of them it just takes too much effort and time to do for just a simple comic and I much rather put that in the actual manga itself so I can continue the story more :) Anyway, Naoko is our cover girl this time around ^_^

Wow, I just finished the script for this chapter and it only comes in at 12 pages XD lol oh well :P

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WOO! UPDATE! Even if it is just a cover, I've been waiting for updates on this comic. I missed it in it's small absence.

Boobie NINJA!!!

O.O looks like Jade :o

Wowza!! If she has a broken heart because of Seiya, I will kiss it make it better. She is hot!


I don't tend to like the Yuri comics on her too much, its normally all smut/sex/whatever and no story line
but this ones different, and its really nice ^^
I love seeing how your style has progressed over the years you've been working on this ^^
you've just earned yourself a new fan *nods*

Are they human? No. They are dancers!

I can really see how much this has changed. I agree with GothicVampireGirl.

Seiya thought something earlier about Jade reminding her of someone from the past and she would do it right this time.

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