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FD_page 152 - March 12th, 2008, 4:11 pm

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SheenaXZelos - ~Ken and Jou~
Another day, another page :) I liked drawing Ken on this page C: he's so butch lololol xD (inside joke :P)

Anyway, I've decided to incorporate more black into my pages. It would seem that I've been neglecting it as a tone and because of that my pages were still falling flat. So I hope that it's coming along and looking better o_o

Aww, Ken loves Seiya<3 C: golly, this might be a mess if they break through XD Ken is even more hard headed than Korina don't you know? :P

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Yeah. XP Don't break the monument! ^_^;;
But the black looks really good. I'm not sure I agree about the "falling flat" statement, but it does make better use to space.

kari (Guest) - i see a painful plot twist in the near future x3
something about ken making jasde jelous or something... ive read lots of shoujo-ai webmangas and thats what usually happens x3

Well, Seiya loves Jade! nuh! *gives raspberry*

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