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FD_page 154 - March 14th, 2008, 5:51 pm

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SheenaXZelos - Plot's a comin'
Naoko's big full frontal debut :B Not AS dramatic as I would have wanted it but there will be more drama to come lol :P. Okay, so as you can see by Ken and Jou's reaction, they already know Naoko... but their history will remain a mystery for now :)

Okay, FD is starting to get some linking plots here. Allow me to direct you all to page 86 - http://flaming-destiny.smackjeeves.com/comics/187376/fd-page-86/

On this page Seiya thinks about a friend that she had. I want you guys to find the connection and assume things XD I love hearing assumptions of FD C:

Also, I point out that if there's fanservice in FD it's not the girl love or anything of that sort; Naoko is my fanservice C: I love her clothing, or lack thereof lol.

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Jude K.A. Boi - Oh my!
That's an inappropriate top, young lady!

Reminds me of Rangiku from Bleach *shot*

FMF - Assumption junction, what's your function?
Naoko looks like she's totally under wrinkle-face's control and might have been totally different before so I wonder if she's not the "friend" that Seiya was talking about. I love it when an antagonist gets saved from their horrible fate by the hero/heroine...XD

And when Seiya said on page 86 "I had a friend who was just like you..." does that mean they were a woman or maybe just their personality and it was a guy; I can't see Ken as that "friend" just yet and Jou seems like it was a love-from-afar in the "past/present".

Those are my assumptions based on what I've seen so far...I demand MOAR!

This is what I have been predicting all along as I read this, but your 'you make the assumtion' line has me worried that I am wrong.


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