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FD_page 162 - March 25th, 2008, 3:26 pm

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SheenaXZelos - Chapter 9 is Done! ^_^
Whoa XD even simpler than the last one o: but whatever :P Chapter 9 is now COMPLETE!!!<3<3 Chapter 10 here I come! C:

How many of you were waiting for Korpy to do something like that? XD and that is why, regardless of simplicity or horrid anatomy, this page is my favorite :P

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I hope he takes her far far away...

How 'bout throwing her in the river with a rock roped to her neck? :P

Awww... XD

Fayt -
I thought you said we'd start like her... I still what her to brun! but right now. *spins around and dress in a nurse's outfit* I need to take care of Sara! *huggles Sara are runs off with her to take care of her* ^^ I'll bring her back when she is good and ready.

You guys are harsh; I still think she's cute.

asldj;galsdkg. <3 Comic = awesome.

die evil one...hehe...god i hate that chick :-C

What doers ASDF stand for?

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