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FD_page 163 - March 30th, 2008, 12:51 pm

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SheenaXZelos - New chap - Back up a page ;D
The first page of chapter 10 yay :)

I'm trying to tighten up and refine some things this chapter. The lineart is a bit different (and messy) if you guys didn't notice :P Again, this chapter is only short and I'm just so excited for the last two chapters of volume 2!!! X3 probably more so than you guys XD ha ha. Now if you'll excuse me I best go make supper *hungry* C:

Also, back up a page and read the newsletter please :)

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User Comments:

Awww Seiya is so cute ♥
MOAR! xD no need to rush though <3

Wewt! :D

I noticed it looked a bit different. I like it. ^_^ keep up the good work!

Fayt -
Awww! *Nruses* >.< hard to comment on a Wii...

i love the way seiya looks! she is awsum!

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