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FD_page 166 - April 3rd, 2008, 7:41 pm

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SheenaXZelos - Classic Seiya C:
Another page of course XD Some classic Seiya for you all that miss her old clothes and hair ;3; Infact I kind of miss them as well so we'll be seeing a lot more of it after chapter 11 C:

K, so liek, poor Seiya got chased ;3; this kind of runs in with the first page of FD.. even the same men are there ;D and lol just for kicks, take a look at the first page and tell me: do you think Seiya's changed a bunch? I find that her look has really changed like whoa XD

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I read this beginning to end this morning, and it is simply awesome! I love the illustrations and Jade and Seiya are...well lets just say they make me swoon. Keep up the excellent work, I am definitely going to stick with this.


P.S. I created an account, but I'm at work and they block my personal email >_<. This is definitely a favorite.

I agree she looks different. You're styles improved a lot!

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