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FD_page 171 - April 10th, 2008, 2:17 pm

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SheenaXZelos - Emotional o: - Thank you guys :)
I love how the shoujo-ness of this turned out XD <3's sparkley circles :P

Anyway, this is my second fave page of chapter 10, the next one coming up is my fave :)

So this is Jade's logic. She going to reveal to Seiya something about herself to Seiya so that Seiya will be able to trust her more. In her mind trust makes people stay. I mean, this type of relationship is very new to her and she's kind of awkward with it, but she's trying her best see? :) That's the beauty of Jade I think ^^

I also want to take this time to thank every single one of you for all of the wonderful comments I've been receiving. It's because of all of them that I want to try and update more and more for you guys :) Thank you so much!!<3<3

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Karin (Guest) - Really love it!!!
I really love your comic so much x3
Can't help but love Jade and Seiya x3
Tehe :3 Please keep up the beautiful work and wonderful comic :D I come by atleast twice a day checking for updates XD
*waits happily for next page* ^_^

Woot for another update! Okay, I realize I am coming off as a fangirl then again, I can't help it. I am really hooked so I'll keep saying it again and again. You've incorporated everything that I enjoy about shojo-ai/yuri goodness but it's your style.

I'm definitely rooting for these two.

And yes, nice touch with the sparkley's :D.

awesome page, as usual. I can tell you've worked hard on the script and planning.

I'm glad Jade is trying her best instead of being all "angsty" like most other webcomics since angst tends to draw a crowd but ends up making the characters very shallow and lame. Keep up the awesome work...I'm always anxiously awaiting for updates in my RSS reader ^o^

Last name?! Is there a significance?! OHMAIGAWD!!!

I don't know why you didn't publish or sell this. This is awesome. I hoping for Jade to break down that wall and let Seiya in more.

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