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FD_page 173 - April 11th, 2008, 5:54 pm

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SheenaXZelos - Second last page<3
Second last page alert!! :P Just one more page. a cover, and the true action of Flaming Destiny will begin to unfold :) I can't wait!!!! Chapter 11 is only 11 pages long, and chapter 12 hasn't been all scripted out yet, but there's going to be a twist! =D I can tell you that guys much. The twist is also the climax of arc 1 :)

Things are starting to come together so well n_n I'm super happy! C:

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muu -
Wow, I've been reading (and lurking) for a while, and would just like to say that I really love this. Keep up the awesome work! and yay for super fast updating..haha

OHMAIGAWD!!! ~squeels like the fan girl she is~

don't worry when we get married you can have my last name

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