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FD_page 174 - April 12th, 2008, 10:33 am

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SheenaXZelos - Chapter 10 is DONE! C:
And so ends chapter 10! *phew* This chapter has just been one huge bonding session. It was kind of hard having the whole chapter in the same room with the same two characters. I hope I kept things visually interesting enough for you guys :)

Anyway, coming up ever so soon is chapter 11 of course ^_^ That chapter is the first part in a two part thing-a-ma-bob. More dark turns, cupcakes and more await you all! :D

Thanks for reading and sticking with me this far you guys<3<3

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"she reminds me so much of HER..."

I called this earlier, weeee! I knew her other friend was a girl. *swish* But anyway, this whole chapter was fantastic and I'm ever so patiently awaiting more.

Hm...HER....who is her....

I agree, this was a wonderful chapter. You are definitely keeping things interesting, no worries about that. They have so much chemistry together, I give you mad props. And Bravo, can't wait to see what happens next.

Thanks for the quick updates as well.

I started reading this yesterday, and couldn't stop. Now that I'm a smackjeeves member (poor jeeves... =B), I decided I'd say, "Keep up the great work!" This is truley a great comic, and I look forward to more updates!

NOOO, they were so close to KISSING!!!!!! THEY SHOULD HAVE!!!! . . course that might have f'ed up the story line, but if she doesn't want her to leave, then she should tell her how she is feeling, and kissing her would have told her very well i think. . . . besides, I WANNA SEE THEM KISS!!!

I think that you did great with this chapter. It was sweet, but not too sickeningly so, and they got some things out. I am not liking the whole no last name thing. It makes me wonder if the evil chick and Jade are related because people kept saying how much alike they look. I'm nervous now. Jade may be her decendant. Would that also mean that Jade may have magic?


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