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FD_page 175 - April 19th, 2008, 8:20 pm

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SheenaXZelos - Backness! C:
I'm back!! :D Finally, my end of chapter break lasted longer than I had expected but I hadn't really had the chance to draw this past week and all that jazz. I'm just happy that chapter 11 is underway XD

So we return back to the past here C: I curse myself for wanting action as well as romance in my comic because I SUCK, and repeat SUCK at drawing action scenes ;3; but I guess I had to face them sooner or later. I'm just glad I have Wonchop's designs for the soldiers because otherwise I would have been in for a rough few chapters XD

I plug j00! Thanks again Wonchop<3 http://wonchop.sheezyart.com

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naoko be joor fanservice

Welcome back! I also don't believe you will suck at the action scenes. Been looking forward to this chapter too..thanks for the update. WOot!

^o^ you will be great~ Keep it up, and hurry, but hurry slowly =X ack i don't make sense. Anyhow, i can't wait for you to release more chapters ^_^

Naoko's eyes are scary. :O

...o.o I just found this comic today, and read it up to here..and am now caught up...AND AM SAD! T__T NoooOOOoO!!! I LOVE this so far! o.o It's so well drawn, and awesome...and it managed to keep me from watching TV! O.O Can't wait til the next page! ^0^

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