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FD_page 178 - April 29th, 2008, 6:26 pm

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SheenaXZelos - Late page ;3;
God! .__. It's taking me so long to get these pages finished! More action than I'm used to drawing so the pages are coming a bit slower but they're coming at least xD

Another step closer to chapter 12 C: that's the chapter I'm looking forward to the most of all!<3

Lady Honotome ^_^ She's one of my fave minor characters :) Not only is she extremely intelligent and kind, she delivers a huge can of whoop ass! :D It's not hard to tell where Seiya learned it all from C: I mean, can you imagine if Seiya inherited her father's eye brows? Now that'd be a fun time lol :P

Until the next page! Hopefully sooner this time .__.

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Yeah! Kick that monster in the head! I think that's be amusing...

>o< yea! A new page. I am getting so into this that i find myself checking this everyday to see if you posted a new page ^o^ keep up the good work! Im your #1 fan @_@

liar im her #1 fan ;-;
loll but yes god job as usual x3
now i must wait for jade to come back *huggles jade doll*

Haven't commented yet, but you know... XD

I can see your style improving! Keep it up!

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