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FD_page 180 - May 9th, 2008, 4:07 pm

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SheenaXZelos - Bye Lady and Soldiers! D':
So that's the last of the Soldiers and Lady/Sir Honotome for a while ^^ they're off to fight amongst themselves now! C: But don't worry! :D They'll make their grand reappearance soon! ^_^

Ken and Jou are alone now... I'm going to try and get the next page done as soon as I can because there's a bit of an epiphany there that will make things interesting I think C: (whoa, did that sound yaoi-ish to you? xD it did to me! But anyway...)

Until the next page!<3 Oh, and Jade and Seiya will be up after the next page, yay! :D

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Ggunsailor (Guest) - New Page!!!! Yay!!!!
Hey, you updated!!!! Whoo-hoo!
By the way, I think I've commented under Gaby or Ggunsailor, so don't be confused.

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