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FD_page 182 - May 21st, 2008, 3:44 pm

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SheenaXZelos - Sorry..
First off I appologize for this super long delay between pages. Last week was prom week so we were busy decorating and partying and all that :) then of course I was too tired (or home either) to work on anything... then the past two days have been way too emotionally draining =_= so all in all, I'm beat... but here is a new page regardless<3

Also, I'm starting a mini manga project for french class (which is worth 40% of my final exam) so, no new updates until I get that finished too. Please stay with me though because you never know when I might put in a new page :)

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User Comments:

What's a prom week? I don't think think this exists here in my country ... Anyway, I really like your manga,I also love writing and drawing stories, but I don't have much patience ...

Well... I'll be waiting for new updates.

Only a question of grammar: I have to put "new" in the plural? Because I abandoned all courses that I did... so I'm not very sure about that

Amazing comic. Don't worry, I love the comic too much to abandon it.

And for the commenter above me, Prom is the big school dance for the upperclassmen in high school. Prom week is just the week of Prom.

Poor Seiya doesn't even realize it's a cake. =p But his naiveness makes her so cute! XD

I'll definetly be waiting for the next one, I'm not giving up on the comic, it's too awesome. =p

@my dog has a strange name: No, English adjectives don't have to agree with the noun. ...at least, not in any case I can think of, and I've been thinking about it for a few weeks.
It's one of the few instances in which English is simple.

But aside from grammatical discussion, I love your blowing-nose soundeffect. XD

hehe its ok sheena we still love chu x3

Nice Comic...
Long one too.
Took me 3 days to read it.
I love it

HIya! took me all day to read the archives, and I must say I. LOVE. THIS. WEBCOMIC! =^_^=

*sigh* I am caught up now. I am sad now.


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