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FD_chapter 12 cover - June 11th, 2008, 6:16 pm

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SheenaXZelos - Chapter 12<3
You know I really like that soft shading with the tones, it makes the picture pop out more.. hmm o: Anyway, this chapter cover is connected to the chapter cover of chapter 11 :P

So I finally finished the script for this chapter last night and it totalled in at 17 pages!! xD finally out of my short chapter rut which means that this chapter will go on for a lot longer than like the past 3 of them. Oh have I ever been looking forward to this chapter, because finally we start to get into the true plot of FD! C:

What? xD it's not all gay men and shoujoai kisses you know? C:

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User Comments:

oooo cant wait d^.^b

I'm looking forward to the chapter!

I love the way her hair flows around her shoulder...it gives a good feel for motion. I'm excited for the "meat" of the plot to begin. Keep it coming, girl! ^__^

Not all shouyjo ai kisses and gay men? Well... that sucks, lol. I love this comic. It totally rocks, and I check up on it often.


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