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FD Newsletter 03 - June 16th, 2008, 2:32 pm

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SheenaXZelos - Important!
Please give me your opinions on the page matter! It's really important to me, to know what you guys think! :)

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I wouldn't mind untoned updates... Whatever you want to do though, is fine by me. :] If you can't tone, maybe someone else will offer to do it for you!? O:

It shouldn't take you that long to get a new tablet, unless you want an expensive one! The one I have works great and is only $50+ on Amazon.com. :3

That's all good :3

update whatever you're comfortable with; maybe you should try an un-toned page to see what people think.

I forget if you said you had a Paypal account or not; but if you did I'm sure some of the dedicated readers would donate to help get you a new tablet. Shoot someone might even donate one they never use.

i second the above. whatever you like. And try the untoned page, maybe it'll ring different with your fans.

Congrats on your escape... i mean, graduation from high school! yay! XD Join our ranks!

Disregard most of what i just said, lol.

I dont care if it's not inked at all :P
I love your comic so much ^^ Beautiful drawings and a captivating storyline :)

I'd rather keep seeing updates or i'd really miss it ;< but if you feel you'd rather wait i'll survive somehow xD

Definitely want updates. I missed this comic during it's brief break and I don't want three months without any updates.

First of all congratulations! Probably a day late considering today is Wednesday, but yes yes excellent.

I'm loving this comic and I check it daily to see if there have been updates. I second a lot of people here, do whatever you like and feel comfortable with. It's excellent and the decision is yours, just as long as you do return to drawing it if you wait. It's really my favorite out there :)

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