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FD_page 186 - June 17th, 2008, 7:02 pm

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SheenaXZelos - Yay page! Boo for studies! >_<
I can't concentrate ;__; I've been trying to study for biology all evening but I just can't stick to it... oh well, I got a new page done at least xD It's slightly sloppy but either way I'm happy with it :)

The museum looks like a bucket :D lol I really should put more effort into structures D:

and wee C: first page of chapter 12! ...I know you guys are going to hate me for this chapter :P

Until the next page!<3

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User Comments:

we're going to hate you? Isn't this the chapter you've been waiting for?

We know there is always something bad that happens before the good stuff...a good story isn't always smooth sailing. Keep it coming! Great page as usual.

To bad I wont >.> As long as those 2 wind up togeather in the end i'm a very happy girl ^-^ Cant wait for more :3 And goodluck wif your studies o.o

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