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FD_page 187 - June 18th, 2008, 10:36 am

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SheenaXZelos - O: !!
Augh, plain page.. wasn't intentional because I wanted something cleaner but I guess we're stuck with this for now xD...

To answer some questions on the previous page.. I was being dramatic when I said you guys are gonna hate me for this chapter :P and yes I have been looking forward to it because it pushes the plot more... but just for the way it does, you guys are gonna hate me xD

ah.. I really want to get this chapter finished before I move (if I move, here's hoping<3)

Until the next page!<3

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Even if the plot goes not how we'd like, I'm sure it'll be good. I have an idea of what may happen, so I'm gonna wait and see if I'm close. =p

Hate is a strong word but I have a feeling what you're going to do and I'm sure I'll be cringing a bit. But if it moves the plot along, excellent.

I have a funky feeling about the plot LOL. And I was looking forward to Jade and Seiya moments :P

Watch people be staring at her because of her yelling. XD

Z0mb3h, I second that, plus, they'd be like WTH because she's screaming about how she remembers these things.


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