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FD_page 193 - June 28th, 2008, 7:01 pm

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SheenaXZelos - Yay another page! C:
You know, I realized that I've never drawn Seiya looking angry.. ever! xD Only happy or sad or worried or something like that, but never angry... and I'm here wondering, am I ever going to draw her looking angry? xD Somehow, I don't think so for some reason o:

Oh, yeah, and yay for 2 page update today! :D

Until the next page!<3

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That has to hurt Jade. I feel really bad for her.

What an emotional page. The anger is very evident in Seiya's reaction. I have to admit that Jade's reaction is the one that effected me the most. The look of panic that Seiya may return and the tears. Part of me thinks it has more to do then just Seiya's family. Could Jade be finally realizing her feelings for Seiya??? LOL. It's a bit of reading between the lines. :P

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