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FD_page 197 - July 5th, 2008, 9:18 pm

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In one emote - ;__;

Seriously though, I'm super happy with this page! I hope you guys are feeling the heartbreak here because there's really so much going on! Jade is really sad because she's losing someone she's grown so attached to, and Seiya is basically torn between a promise and a chance to save her family from a premature death. Now I can't wait to finish this chapter, because to me, the next chapter is going to top even this one!! C: Also, I'm so happy I made it rain in this scene. It kind of adds something hm? o:

Also on a fun note, I'm getting close to page 200! ^_^ Which means a colored page is coming up. However, the colored page is going to be on 199 because that's my special page and you'll all soon see why ;D

Until the next page!<3

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Thwat - HULLO
I didn't know you had a smack jeeves or I'm just stupid. Either or...

muu -
Wow, this actually made me really sad. But in a good way? I dunno, but I could feel the emotions you were trying to portray so kudos.

This is not what I needed to read right now... Stupid choice on my part.

You are such an amazing artist! This comic is my favorite! <33

Ugh site was down yesterday! Haha.

You nailed the emotions on this page. It's definitely one of your best-the expressions-the hurt/pain. Gorgeous. Though again, Jade's pain strikes a chord in me...no worries, so does Sieya's. The plot is really moving along and it's really confirms to me that these two need eachother. Don't make us wait too long :). I'm such a fan girl, at 25 too-scary LOL.

Oh man... This was so emotional, and I love their eyes in this page. I especially love the first panel because of Jade's eyeless face with the hair covering it. It is just beaurtiful.


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