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FD_page 198 - July 7th, 2008, 8:05 pm

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SheenaXZelos - Aww D:
Woo @____@ today was a long one! I get to work and apparently it's time to work with the kids for the summer day camp! It lasts for 4 weeks and it's every flippin' day ;__;... I mean, the kids aren't as bad as I thought they were gonna be but I mean they're kids... which means never ending amounts of energy for reasons unknown D: and that's my rant for the day :P

Now, as for the page :P I'm feeling really bad for Jade here ;__; she's breaking apart!... I also feel really bad for the lack of depth on this page <_<... oh well, I have a colored page coming up next to make up for it ^__^

Also, did you guys notice that, that's the outfit Jade was wearing the day Seiya came out of the shrine? O:

Until the next page!<3

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jazzypofaz - OH NO
Poor Jade!!
Poor Seiya!
Poor Thea!!
wow poor everyone :_(

0__0 man.....rough. Oiy, I wouldn't want to be Seiya stuck between a rock and a hard place.

great stuff, as usual, even if it's heartbreaking.

aww this is sad D:
i wonder what will happen next D:<

I love your story. It's amazing. If or when this comes out in paper, I would buy it as soon as it came out. Keep up the great work Sheena-san.

I think that Jade should go with Seiya to her era,finish all things there and then go back to future together.

Oh my, your art is simply amazing! I love how you drew each panel here. Great job! Fav!

Jem (Guest) - Awesome
Awesome sause!!
Keep it up!



Damnit, onlinecomics didn't make me aware of this update >_<.

Okay so "NOOOOOOO"--what the bloody hell?! Cliffhanger much?

Seriously, fan-friggin-tastic panel. This page brought a tear to my eye. Bravo again.

Wow, this is super fantastic! I think there is a lot of falling apart, and now I want to know what the significance is that Jade is wearing the same outfit from when Sieya fell through the first time.


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