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FD_page 200 - July 13th, 2008, 3:57 pm

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SheenaXZelos - PAGE 200!!!!
So here we are, page 200 ^_^ I really can't believe I've made it so far o___o However, of course, it's all thanks to all the support from you guys ^__^ If it wasn't for all the lovely comments and support I would have quit ages ago o: *big e-hugs*

There are 3 pages left in this chapter ^__^ and not only will chapter 12 be complete, but so will Volume 2! Then comes the epic chapter 13 and the begining of volume 3<3 I've yet to set the events in stone because I haven't been writing very much but I think I'll be getting to it soon, maybe even today :) You guys are gonna love Volume 3!! There's even more action, drama... and we just might get some comedy back in there too ;D

Until the next page!<3

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User Comments:

Congrats on 200 pages! And this is a lovely page. Such great emotion in your character.

Wow, 200 already! <3
Congadulations! :3

I bet Jade's either gonna go insane or completly freeze up, and be emotionless. >.>

finally caught up with the pages,sad seiya left

gratz on 200 pages

Yay for Page 200! Can't wait for the next page, already :D

yay page 200!

and what a page! sad, but awesome!

Congrats on 200!

And come back Seiya! Or go to her Jade, whatever comes :)

Fayt - Wow...
Poor Jade T.T all alone again, even her slave ran from her :( (wow 200)

Wired (Guest) - This is fantastic
Hi I came across your story from another site and have read it all at once. I love this storyline and your characters! Congrats on page 200..I"m weepy! Can't wait for more!

I agree with kittenbasket. I see that of Jade, but I also see a character of the past coming back for Jade, because I really think that Jade is an ancester of that chick of the past whom's name I have forgotten.


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