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FD_page 201 - July 18th, 2008, 3:07 pm

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Sorry about the delay in pages guys ;__; Just, working and doing house work takes a lot out of a lazy person like me D: But either way, here's a new page now C:

lol *can't draw umbrellas*

Jade's walking on the street in the rain ;__;... and oh my, only one person says what's in the last panel!! O:

Until the next page!<3

Edit: Yikes! I just realized how out dated my About page is :P lol I updated the facts about myself xD (and corrected 2 year old typos o_o)

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User Comments:

Oh oh...the pink haired girl (I forgot her name) is coming! xD

i wonder who that could be

the "...who am I?" panel is positively one of the best small-touches-with-BIG-impact ever!! It really sums up her emotions visually and spells it out with her dialog. Great work as usual!

Yeah, she is coming, the girl with the crush on Jade. She will be all over it.


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