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FD_page 202 - July 18th, 2008, 9:38 pm

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SheenaXZelos - One more page to go! C:
O: Whoa, this page just zoomed out! And here I was thinking all I was gonna do was ink it tonight xD; oh well, it's finished now... and Ima be off to bed soon certainly ;__;

:D Korina's scarf matches her umbrella! Not that any of you care xD because I think you guys may know what's coming now... and I am about to be officially hated D:

Don't worry guys, I make it public now.. things will get happy again!! C: just... I'm not saying when xD

Woot! Just one more page to go and volume 2 is at its end!! ^^

Until the next page!<3

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User Comments:

Korina looks cute^^

I see Jade is posting up for the rebound...we'll see if she can make it happen. Of course obligatory SeiyaxJade *Squeeee* and "NOEZ!! Don't forget about Seiya!"

I'm still so glad you can get pages out so quickly and almost always more than one a day. You're just awesome!

...I see where you're going

Am I the only one to think that Korina looks a little like Seiya?

Your characters always look so pretty!

Umm..no rebound please. I have to agree with FMF! Don't forget, and don't be hurt Jade, Seiya loves you. Remember that :P

Korina's back! And i like her outfit!

Remember Seiya, Jade! REMEMBER!!!!

I actually like Korina a little bit in this page. I hope she doesn't get completely crushed, but I really do think Sieya and Jade are meant to be.


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