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FD_page 203 - July 19th, 2008, 10:36 am

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SheenaXZelos - COMPLETE!! :D
Slow down guys xD Jade isn't really on the rebound now, don't get her wrong, she's really lost right now. Basically she was in the wrong place at the wrong time and well... Korina has a knack for taking advantage of a situation... try not to hate her either though, she loves Jade! xD... oh well, anyway, I'll just let things unfold :P

So, I can't believe it but.. VOLUME 2 IS COMPLETE!!!!!!! O_____O I seriously can't believe it!! I'm off to color volume 3's cover right now... xD surreal? Most definitely! Thank you all for reading and keep glued because it only gets more exciting from here!! ^_^

In the meantime, tell me what you thought of volume 2 and the story thus far, I really want to know what you guys think ^_^

Until the next page!<3

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Korina is sooo well dressed even in the rain XD

I guess what I meant to say was Jade is hurt, confused, alone and possibly susceptible to someone that will listen but I know she's stronger than that. Korina's initial "rival" appearance makes her seem like the type to take advantage of the situation; but I'm jumping to conclusions ^_^.

I envision a beautiful but sad moment where Korina helps Jade to reunite with Seiya and is forced to concede but does so without hating them. It's these kinds of characters that keep me coming back for more of your story.

In Volume 2 we've seen a bunch of action and background info that makes understanding most everyone a little better: the intro of Korina, how Korpy got his name, how Seiya ended up in Jade's time, the bit about Jade not knowing her last name and a bunch of other details. The interweavings are going to be awesome for the denouement.

I'm very interested in Naoko and can't wait to see more about her. There's some depth there that you're waiting to spring on us, aren't you ^__^

Once again "holy awesome-updates, Batman! Sheena-chan is on the loose with her inking!"

the story is great so far^^

Wired (Guest) - Love it!
I like this story alot so far! Glad you're back!

I really am loving this comic just i case you didn't already know. I am constantly looking for it and am always here for an update once every copuple of weekes, and there are plenty of them to sustain me for a bit. This story is well thought out, and I am glad to see how often you update eeven when it seems life gets crazy.


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