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FD_page 204 - July 21st, 2008, 1:35 pm

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SheenaXZelos - And so it begins...
I just love CG'ing magic C: I get a chance to use all my sparkly brushes<3 So, we begin the chapter with a transition page of Seiya falling back through time... thinking of Jade no less... also, allow me to start a list for this chapter, I'm going to call it the:

"Things that go wrong for Seiya in a matter of 20 pages" list...

1. Leaving Jade and feeling guilty about it.

Oh, but this is only the tip of the iceberg ;D

Until the next page!<3


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User Comments:

Tip of the iceberg huh? Of course it's the wrong decision. Think I'm a little too into this comic, haha.

Fayt -
WHY! Why did she leave Jade all alone and open like that! it's not fair!

Those inserts with the face close-ups are something you really do well...the facial expression portrays their feelings amazingly well even if it is simple.

I can understand Seiya's decision but *insert cheesey cliche* their love is strong so we know they'll be together again.

Is the #2 thing that goes wrong going to be seeing her mom die or something? If so it's going to be a rough 20 pages for me o__o

Oh I hope Jade gets herself together and goes to get Seiya back!

Sorry Seiya, right now Jade's rebounding with Korina! XD

Just kidding please stop throwing glass bottles at me! XD

Seiya's being cruel to Jade, it's not fair!

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