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FD_page 216 - August 3rd, 2008, 9:33 am

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Okay!! Soooo many things on this page that come in to play later on in the story!!! *o* The whole deal about the Child of Darkness and Child of Light thing is the main center of the plot!! :D it took 216 pages to get here but we're finally on a roll XD

We also see the 'Touch of Darkness' in panel 3. It's not your run of the mill GL fanservice kiss, oh no! This is how Shun transfers dark energy from herself into other people, and at the same time it's also how she absorbs dark energy from other people. The Abyss is a tough thing to roll with ya know? Oh, did I mention the Abyss plays a huge role in the central plot as well? XD well now you know... now, on to your assumptions and predictions.... :D

On a side note, I just love putting the magic in my pages C:

Until the next page!<3

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Cross - ^3^
It may have been to transfer/absorb dark energy.... but woot for that kiss! x3

Kissing panel is absolute wonderful <3

I've been reading this for a long time, but I never commented, I just want to say that I love how the story is progressing and your art is beautiful(though there's much to improve), thank you for making this comic, and I'll keep reading

That middle panel was well done.

that is what i call a beautiful layout
i have yet to see anything else match it

Naoko is the Child of Darkness and then reincarnated into Jade, while we all know that Seiya is the Child of Light and so Seiya and Jade can not be together for long?!!! OH MAN!!!! (I've been sort of seeing this sort of thing for a while now, but DAMN!) I think this 'curse' SHALL be broken so that Jade can live with Seiya in happiness forever.


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