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FD_page 217 - August 14th, 2008, 4:04 pm

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Honestly, right now, Seiya must be pretty tired ;D

I have to appologize for not updating in a while ;__; and then having to update with this thing I call a page >_> but at least it's here now :D I start college in about two and a half weeks so Ima try to finish chapter 13 before that :)

Also, I have GOT to fix these time and space holes when I re-do FD lol

Until the next page!<3

PS: Have you guys gotten a load of this awesome new layout? xD AyaneSensei does such excellent graphic work<3

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ayane does an amazing job with html... ha ha, wish i could do that...

I love the layout.. and the new banner looks awesome!

omg!! what's going on!!! *ish lost* nya! run seiya run... to where?

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