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FD_page 220 - August 19th, 2008, 7:59 pm

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*sigh* This is so sad :( especially because when it comes to secondary characters, Lady and Sir Honotome are my fave<3 Actually they have a pretty interesting back story that I might sketch out as a bonus chapter for you guys :)

You know I hate it when death scenes are milked. I mean, in real life, I don't think a person would survive very long after a huge deep stab to the stomach.. so I hope that this death scene was portrayed as real as a drama can portray :)

So we're nearing the end of this chapter (just 3 more pages) and I think it's time to complete my list ;D

"Bad things that happen to Seiya in a matter of 20 pages"

1. Leaving Jade and feeling guilty about it.
2. Pushing away her childhood friends.
3. Getting knocked out.
4. Getting kidnapped.
5. Getting betrayed by her best friend</3
6. Witnessing and having the guilt of half-causing her parents' death.

Until the next page!<3

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User Comments:

no kidding o_O That is quite the list.

Although, on a crit note...I'm a little confused as to what is going on in the background of panel 4. I can see Seiya, but that dark area behind her is hard to make out.

^_^ The hand-thud is a nice touch, btw.

cheetah, I'm guessing Ken and Jou are kicking demon ass in that panel.

Man, the list is just depressing. I can't wait til somebody saves her from all this. Keep it up, Sheena!

she seriously has had no luck in this chapter...

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