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FD_page 222 - August 25th, 2008, 4:09 pm

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A new page :) God, I woke up this morning with the worst neck pain ever ;__; I haven't been able to put my head back or turn it to the right all day without it hooking and paining D: It's working itself out though.. hopefully it'll be gone in the next few days<3

I think I'm going to take a week off after this chapter is done.. since I move into my dorm on Saturday and I start college next week.. need some time to settle and mingle ;D

As for this page itself.. something that wasn't intentional at the start I think has become something really cool :) the magic in FD is all activated by strong emotions! It makes a pretty cool symbol I think! Anyway, the Soldiers of the Abyss won't be seen for a while now, thanks to Seiya they won't be back until they're summoned again :)

Thanks again http://wonchop.sheezyart.com for his design<3

Until the next page!<3

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Magic activated by strong emotions? I think someone`s thought of it before (actually quite a number of people ^-^; ), but the concept still does retain a certain atractiveness. Not to mention it`s convenient for the story; things would be progressing too easily if the magic was there at every whim. ;) I think your comic is really popular; the connection`s been going down the toilet recently.

...wait. If all magic is activated by strong emotions, then the bad guys must have hots for someone, too. But since that Naoko girl is apparently brain-dead most of time, I`d guess she shouldn`t have emotions at all. Yet she was using magic, like summoning the scarecrow dudes, er, Soldiers of Abyss. Maybe in the brainless mode she has hots for Shun?...

...ok, nagging over.

SheenaXZelos - RE: Winterbraid
When I say emotions I don't mean 'having the hots' for anybody. Emotions like sadness, anger, desire, and love too of course.

-When Jade released Seiya, she had a desire to be loved.
-When Seiya knocked out the big bad guy in the alley, she was angry and had a desire to protect Jade.
-Seiya and Jou opened the shrine because they had strong desire to get to the other side.
-Naoko summoned the soldiers after she was annoyed with Ken and Jou.

...I think I made my point o:... also, magic activated by emotions isn't all that original, I know that and I didn't say it was, all I meant was that it fit in well with FD and the type of story it is.

trippinvixen - waaaah!
I just found this today on my lunch break and powered through it.... don't ask how since i was technically at work... :) but now I'm here... no more pages... I'm not sure what to do with myself now. NEED NEW POSTS!! Love ur comic keep up the good work!

o_o Yaaay Seiya!! *dances*
And thats cool...the whole emotions thing.

I always get the tinglies when that happens XD...every show I watch I get psyched whenever the lead character's anger/sadness makes them go "epic" with their power.

Keep it up, it's always good! ^__^

vixen, don't worry about updates...Sheena cranks 'em out like you wouldn't believe. All quality, too!.

Yeah, she cracks them out really often, the only one i can say does em faster is Chris Hazelton.

I would love it if Jade had some sort of strong emotion (heartbreak and sadness) and that put her through the shrine again and pulled her back to Seiya, but alas isn't isn't meant to be like that, eh?


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