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FD_chapter 14 cover - August 27th, 2008, 12:41 pm

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Here we are, chapter 14<3 I might get a page or two done before saturday but if I don't that means things will be postponed until I get an internet connection in my dorm and I'm all settled in :) either way, starting Saturday things will be postponed for that reason. But never fear C: Sheena-chan never stays away for very long<3

I tried some bolder inking with this, don't know if it's evident or not XD; but chapter 14 is going to be an experimentation with some new techniques and things! Also, hopefully the life drawing classes I'll be taking in college will help me as well ;D

Until the next page!<3

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Uh-huh, something`s wrong with her (visible) eye... and flood-fill edge jagginess isn`t cool, nor is oversmoothness; I think Bezier curves are good for tracing out manga hair and stuff. BTW, I probably looked like this after watching Serial Experiments... ^-^;

Just wanted to say I really enjoy your comic!

I can't say what but there is just something about your comic that puts it above the others I read.

Poor Seiya/Jade though.

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