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FD_Page 232 - July 3rd, 2010, 7:06 pm

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Balance, I need more balance. Which means more black fills. Although I am getting used to making comic pages again :D It's so fun! My next one will be me at my full capacity again I believe.

Exciting things to come in Flaming Destiny btw :)

Also comparing how I used to draw the Honotome shrine, I think it has become more badass :P

Until the next page! <3

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User Comments:

I like the facial expressions alot in this one and the nose adds greatness! and depth to the character.

You sure put a lot into noses now. This is a great comic by the way.

Your artwork is so gorgous

cool-rhino - Nice comic!!!
well i cant really say much and i kinda new here sooo yh but wot i do kno is tht ur way betta than me... maybe its cause im only 12... lol anyway i always work on a comic then give up... i dont really kno why tho, i guess i dont hav da patience lol!!!!!

tsuki (Guest) - hey... wow
I intruded by chance. Is this your manga site? I'm a manga artist too =). I'm more of an action stylist

Oh man, I am all caught up again (I went back and reread from he beginning), and now I feel slightly sad that I don't knen you will update again. I hope school is going well for you, and that on a break you'll be able to update if you're inclined, lol.


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