Flaming Destiny FAQ

Q: What is Flaming Destiny?
A: Flaming Destiny is the story of love, friendship, power and mainly shoujoai. Jade, an up and coming model accidentally releases Seiya, a young priestess from the past. Seiya states she is Jade's servant. Jade is then whipped into a world of new love, deceit, betrayal, new friends, and everything else in between.

Flaming Destiny is not your typical "find a random girl who states to be your slave and fall in love while people try to take her away" story, even though I know you've all seen them (i.e. Chobits, DearS etc.). I did take elements from stories like that but this one is so much more than that. Two parties from different worlds, there's romance from all sides and even a sinister plot that unravels throughout. All the characters end up being connected somehow and they all begin to believe that being together was their "Flaming Destiny". I just hope that you all enjoy what I have to offer with this.

Q: Why are a lot of right eyes covered?
A: I get this question a hell of a lot lol. I've also gotten a lot of theories regarding it as well, but now I shall give the real answer :P. The truth is, the whole idea for FD came from one random picture that I did a very long time ago. It was a picture of a red headed model named Jade, and that one shot picture had her hair covering half her face. I didn't plan on even doing anything with her character at the time, but as it went on I began to come up with more ideas surrounding her, and with Jade came even more characters (like Seiya and Naoko) with hair covering their face. At the time I just thought it looked cool and it was kind of a phase I was going through (like my big ribbon phase I went through after seeing La Blue Girl for the first time xD). So it just stuck, and that's why you see the characters as they are today :P.

Q: How do you make the pages for Flaming Destiny?
A: This question is also pretty frequent. I'll start off with the old pages and work on from there. In the begining I used to draw it and then use regular black ink and shaded with art pencils. After when I got my tablet I would draw the pages, scan them, then do lineart and tones in Photoshop. The most recent pages are also drawn by hand, however the lineart is done in paint tool SAI (it's sooo nice for lineart =w=) and the tones are still added in Photoshop but with slightly more skill than my early attempts ;D.

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